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Entertainment and Culture at Plan de Corones in Pustertal

No Time for Boredom

The Plan de Corones is a dream destination for vacations any time of the year. It provides skiing and winter sports in the cold months and hiking, cycling, climbing and many other options in the summer. However, the “torture” of making decisions has not just been reserved for the more athletic guests. There are numerous places of interest and tour destinations in the beautiful area in South Tyrol. The concierge at the reception desk will be happy to offer a variety of tips for guests.

You should not miss out on visiting the MMM – Messner Mountain Museum on the 2,275-meter-high plateau peak of the Plan de Corones. The museum presents traditional Alpine culture as it has impacted Reinhold Messner. Other interesting museums include the Museo Etnografico di Teodone (folk culture museum) in Dietenheim and the Ciastel de Tor Ladinische Landesmuseum (Ladin State Museum) in St. Martin in Thurn.

You can admire the Concordia Friedensglocke, one of the mighty peace bells that is on the peak of the Plan de Corones directly above the panoramic viewing platform.

We also recommend a trip to the Erdpyramiden (earth pyramids) in Terento or Perca and to the idyllic Lago di Anterselva, Lago di Braies, Lago di Dobbiaco and Laghetto d’Issengho.

The Cities of Brunico and Bressanone are also inviting with their bejeweled alleys, variety of businesses, bars and restaurants for shopping and strolling.